Skreens Park Farm 

What we do

We are a family run farm based near Roxwell, Essex 

 DIY livery yard, flat rate, including hay and straw. Spring and summer turnout available 24/7. Floodlit ménage and horse-walker facilities. On-site manager.

Combinable Crops

We produce a range of combinable crops on the farm such as wheat, barley, field beans and millet all of which are Red Tractor Assured.



A range of meadow grass and italian ryegrass/timothy mixes available in large bale, half bale, or wrapped half bales. 

Wheat and Barley straw available depending on the year.

Go green and plant a Mistletoe Tree this year. Beautiful ornamental trees bearing mistletoe, the perfect gift. 

Please go to to order or get in touch.

We run a pedigree suckler herd of South Devon cattle. This breed is known for being a dual purpose breed for milk and for meat. They are large but docile animals and help recycle nutrients on the farm. 

We sell beef but also animals for breeding stock so please get in touch.


Please get in touch if you are interested in renting space for your business to grow.


We believe that diversity is the key to resilience

With the impacts of climate change and global markets, we work hard to diversify our business and our landscape. We continue to provide a long term approach to enhancing the environment and producing for society.

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