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We can offer contract baling with our Welger D6006 that produces ‘Quadrant’ sized bales (1.2 x 0.9 x 2.4m) that stack easily, while being an economical sized bale. We can also bale small bales of hay and straw, and can efficiently wrap and stack haylage bales with a bale wrapper.



The Sumo Versadrill

In 2012 the farm purchased a Sumo Versadrill. From repeated experience within the agricultural sector, direct drilling is an efficient tool to reduce fuel costs, improve soil quality and achieve good establishment of many crops. We have used the Versadrill for re-drilling existing grass swards, establishing Oil Seed Rape, drilling Winter Wheat and even drilling Chicory into existing grass sward as can be seen in the video below.


Hedge cutting

The farm can offer hedge cutting with both a flail head and a quad-saw head, to enable uncontrolled hedges to be reduced back to a manageable size without difficulty. Many hedges can quickly grow out of control in a number of different contexts. Often farms do not have the expensive equipment, or the time to be able to complete this more menial task while busy bringing in the harvest and cultivating the next years crop. Thus Skreens Park Farm can offer an alternative to quickly regain control of any hedges with our flexible Spearhead Hedge Cutter.


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