About us

Skreens Park Farm is a family run business

It is a diverse, interesting and vibrant business that has developed since 1956, but continues to grow and move forwards into the future.

Archaeology and History


Skreens Park Farm is a unique farm, situated upon the ancient parkland that once formed Skreens Park. The farm, built in the early 20th century, existed after the estate and mansion house was dismantled after the First World War. Since 1956 the Webber family purchased the land and have lived upon this business ever since. Archaeological evaluations about the previous history of Skreens Park have uncovered a deeper history and relationship between the modern day farm, and its medieval (and possibly older) origins. Look for an article about Skreens Parks archaeology soon.

If you are interested in learning more or visiting the farm please get in touch.

Excavation of the Medieval Gatehouse to the Manor of Skreens in 1600, lying under the long term grass ley.